Saturday, December 31, 2011


This is an excerpt from the Animatrix by the Wachowski brothers. The original clip was re-edited to make it a workable piece for us at the time. This project was realized by Daniel Denham and myself. As with most of our projects, the sound design for this one included sounds from libraries and sounds we recorded ourselves and modified to fit the purpose meant for the clip. The music includes two pieces: 'Mombasa' from the Inception OST by Hans Zimmer and 'The Shield' by Biosphere. The video was edited using both Final Cut Pro 7 and iMovie, while the audio was handled in Cubase LE 5.

This piece also granted us the award for "Best Sound Design/Audio For Video" at the 2011 BECAFEST.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Think Ink San Francisco

Think Ink San Francisco from Vanessa Mona Hellmann on Vimeo.

This is a sound editing and sweetening job I did for "Think Ink San Francisco"; a documentary by film maker and friend Vanessa Hellmann. The music is courtesy of Ambience ( The work was done using Pro Tools 9.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

IZ's Adventure

This is an excerpt from the stop-motion animated short film "Offline" by Tom Gasek. This piece was resound-designed by Daniel Denham and myself. For this project we wanted to take a stab at scoring. All the music was built from clips of other orchestra music that had different tempos and keys. The challenge was to make all those samples sound like it was the same orchestra playing one contiguous piece. We also decided that the music would be carrying a major part of the emotional and narrative aspect of the clip. The sounds in the clip are a mix of recordings made and modified by us, and sounds we found in sound libraries. I think the clip was edited using iMovie. The audio was worked on using both ProTools 9 and Cubase LE 5.

Under The Label (radio show) Intro Bit

UTL IntroBit by pxmcgauran

This is the introduction song for the radio show I co-hosted with Daniel Denham and Madelyn Fernandez during it's live airing on KSFS. As indicated on the Under The Label Promo description, we have been talking about turning the project into a monthly downloadable podcast. The song is essentially a mashup of several songs that we edited together into this new production. The piece features samples from the following songs:

Windowlicker by Aphex Twin
San Francisco (The Rhythm) by Eskmo
Purple & Orange by Welder
Eyen by Plaid
The Splendour by Pantha du Prince
Goto 10 by Amon Tobin

The voice saying "Under The Label begins now" was made using a text-to-speech application from The piece was produced and mixed in Ableton Live 8.

Under The Label (radio show) Promo

UTL Promo by pxmcgauran

This is a promo made for the radio show my colleagues and I created during our time on KSFS at SF State. The name of the radio show is Under The Label. This is a music show where every week we feature an independent record label in particular, then discuss it's history and the artists signed to it. After a year on the air via radio internet broadcast, we brought the show to and end after all 3 of us graduated from SF State. We are currently discussing turning the project into a monthly downloadable podcast. This promo announces the times that show used to air on KSFS, and it was produced and edited using Ableton Live 8 and Pro Tools 9.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BECA TV Commercial

This is a project that I shot and sound designed with Daniel Denham and Maddie Fernandez. The video is one of a two-part project, which also includes a radio commercial for our department at SF State. The main focus of the project was to add sound to an original video. All of the sounds were foleyed and recorded by us. The radio show that the guy is listening to at the beginning of the clip is the one that the three of us host at the school's radio station, KSFS. The show is called Under The Label. The music is a song called 'Let it go' by Electric Laser. the video was shot with a Canon T1i and edited in Final Cut Pro 7. The sounds were recorded with a Zoom H-4n, and then edited and mixed in ProTools 9.

BECA Radio Commercial

BECA Radio Comm by pxmcgauran

The second part to the BECA Commercial project for our department at SF State. It was produced and recorded by Daniel Denham, Maddie Fernandez, and me. As you may have heard, our intent for this radio commercial was to make it sound like it was being played through an old, old radio. The voices of the kid and his dad were played by Dan and myself, respectively, with a little tweaking, of course. Maddie did a brilliant job at writing the script. After doing some research on how to achieve that old-timer radio sound, we were pleased with the results. The whole piece was produced using Cubase LE 5.